What to know before you tan.


  • Exfoliate entire body at home on the day of your tan and avoid using products that contain essential oils and moisturizers. Also avoid moisturizing shower gel as this will act as a barrier to the spray tan.
  • Hair removal (waxing/shaving) should be done at least 24 hrs prior to tanning session to avoid skin irritation.
  • Eyelash tinting or extensions and eyebrow tinting should be done 24 hours before tanning session.
  • Manicure, pedicure and facials should be done 24 hours before spray tanning.  We recommend some type of nail polish or clear top coat to prevent staining of your nails
  • Don’t wear makeup, deodorant, perfume or any skin products to the appointment and avoid moisturizing for 24 hours prior to your tan.
  • Wear or bring loose, dark clothing/dark underwear and flip-flops (avoid anything that clings to the skin).
  • In event of rain, we ask that you come fully covered head to toe and bring an umbrella. Should you get water spots you will be responsible to pay 50% off the full price to get resprayed. We are only responsible for your tan until you leave the salon. 


  • Following the spray tan, avoid wearing a bra, keep skin covered to prevent transfer onto fabrics when sitting.
  • Don’t put hands in water or get skin wet – this includes working out, doing dishes, getting rained on, getting licked by dogs - this will affect the development of the tan.
  • Don’t touch tan areas with your hands as the solution will transfer to palms.
  • Don’t wax/shave for 3 days following treatment as this removes layers of skin and will remove the tan too.
  • Don’t swim, have a massage or exfoliate for at least 3 days.
  • Moisturize twice daily after showering following the spray tan. Only use products that don’t contain essential oils as these oils create a faster fade
  • With Rapid Tans your certified spray tan professional will give you instructions as when to shower.